Los baños de la Reina

Los baños de la Reina

lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

Coaching your sales staff

Observe a 15 minute role-play of one or two sections with the sales rep, documenting the sales rep’s strengths and areas that need improvement. Coach and feedback the comments to the sales rep and agree at least 3 follow-up action points and note them below. Action points should be followed up within the following two weeks. This report and any additional notes should be reviewed and given to your manager.

Sales rep Manager

Section role-played Time taken

Strengths Areas for improvement

For example: Seating positions, eye contact, body language, explanations, use of the system, bridging statements (what the sales rep says to go from one screen to the next), introduction of each screen (why they’re showing the client), pace of delivery, tone of voice

Action points to improve

Date to follow up:

Signature of Manager:

Signature of Salesperson:

Final Results

Completed to Satisfaction:

Next Steps:

Date Signed off:

Signature of Manager:

Signature of Salesperson:

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